You probably know that antioxidants are important to our health—they help shield us from various illnesses and diseases by protecting our cells against free radical damage. But even if you consume a lot of antioxidant-rich foods such as nuts, seeds and berries, you may not be getting enough of the compound for your body’s needs.

So it might instead be a good idea to consume something called Activated Phenolics: the most potent type of antioxidant that you can eat. It was developed by 28-year-old Dr Vincent Candrawinata, who found a way to naturally extract phenolic antioxidants and put them into tablet and powder form so they’re readily available.

CLEO Renovatio activated phenolics

We ask this young doctor (he’s also the youngest PhD holder in the field of food science and human nutrition!) to tell us more about this powerful type of antioxidant and how exactly it can benefit your health.

What are Activated Phenolics and how are they different from regular antioxidants? 

We were the first to develop the patented technology to naturally extract the phenolic antioxidants from Australian apples safely using just pure water, and concentrate them into a form that your body can absorb. We called these Activated Phenolics, which are like the holy grail of antioxidants.

They are infinitely more ‘bio-available’ (easily absorbed by the body) than regular antioxidant supplements. Our body can absorb up to 90% of Activated Phenolics but can only absorb less than 5% of ordinary antioxidant supplements.

Activated Phenolics is a true broad spectrum antioxidant (containing eight different antioxidants from three families) and if taken every day, is the only source of antioxidants the body needs. It has the concentrated antioxidant benefits of eating two kilogrammes of apples and is 12 times stronger than any other dietary antioxidant available.

Can Activated Phenolics be obtained from other sources? 

They can also be obtained from most fruits and vegetables. However, we use apples because they are nature’s best superfood when it comes to phenolics. Apples have the highest amount of free phenolics and the widest range, allowing us to have a broad spectrum antioxidants from a single source.

Can we get a dosage of Activated Phenolics from just eating apples? 

When we eat apples in its raw form, the absorption rate of phenolic compounds is probably only 3% to 5%, as opposed to 90% from Activated Phenolics. One would have to eat probably five to six apples a day to actually give your body the phenolic antioxidant concentration that you need before it starts showing positive health benefits.

The phenolic antioxidants that are in all Renovatio products are 100% compatible with our body. They are water-soluble and bioavailable, making it easy for our body to absorb.

CLEO Renovatio activated phenolics

What are the benefits of regular consumption of Activated Phenolics? Does it also give us better skin? Can it control skin allergies? Can an apple a day really keep the doctor away?

Firstly, phenolic antioxidants work by increasing the efficiency of cellular functions. It reduces inflammation in the gut, rehydrates the body and promotes regularity of the digestive system. Consumers should be able to feel the difference between three and five days because our digestive system renews every three to five days.

Secondly, there will be an increase in energy levels. It rejuvenates your body and relieves fatigue. It’s not like coffee, which stimulates the body. If you take it in the morning, it can help the body register a good metabolic rate, which determines your metabolic rate throughout the day.

Activated Phenolics does help to improve skin health from the inside, especially anything related to inflammation such as eczema and psoriasis.

Renovatio’s face cream, APSKIN, is formulated to protect elastin and collagen structures, leaving your skin transformed, glowing and ageless. We incorporated this activated liquid version of Activated Phenolics with a hypoallergenic, vegan and natural base.

Activated Phenolics and phenolic antioxidants work to basically encourage the anti-inflammatory function of our cells and encourages the protection of our cells, including skin cells. As the ancient saying goes: An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. In this case, a teaspoon of Activated Phenolics keeps the doctor far, far away!

You’re the youngest PhD holder in the field of food science and human nutrition. In your opinion, what are some of the other important vitamins we should be getting more of, and why?

My family and I take only Activated Phenolics and fish oil. Fish oil because we do not get enough Omega 3 fatty acids from our diet. However, did you know that even if you get enough from eating a lot of fish, you would probably suffer from mercury poisoning because of the heavy metal contamination in our food chain?

This is also why I make sure that all the apples that go into making our products are 100% free from heavy metals and 100% free from pesticides.