When you’re done with the 15 days of CNY feasting, it’ll be time for a detox, and what better way to pick it up right after CNY than with some TCM (traditional chinese medicine)?

One of the oldest medical practices in the world, TCM is largely about supporting the “earth element” – otherwise known as the spleen and stomach (or digestive system in western terms) – because they hold the answers to many of our health problems. It seeks to achieve a balance of yin (female, negative principle) and yang (male, positive principle) in the body.

Unsure of what to expect during a consultation? It’ll be easy peasy really. The physician will first ask you about your concerns while gathering nonverbal data from your body language. They’ll observe your demeanour, posture, voice and complexion, among other things.

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Next, they’ll examine your tongue to check the colour of its coating, which according to TCM reveals a lot about your health. They’ll take your pulse and listen to the way you cough and breathe.

You’ll probably be asked a few more questions about your lifestyle, dietary habits and sleep pattern before they confirm their diagnosis, and a suitable treatment plan will then be customised for you. These treatments can range from herbal medicine and massages to acupuncture and cupping, and are meant for a holistic reboot of your system.

Want to detox the TCM way this coming post-CNY season? You can do it with Eu Yan Sang, one of Asia’s largest Chinese medicine groups. They not only have many outlets stocked with quality TCM products, but also several clinics you can go to for a consult.

Detox away.

Image: Marilyn Barbone/123RF.com