When you live in Singapore, it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. With constant deadlines to meet, appointments to keep and errands to run, we barely have time to ourselves. And when we finally get to relax and unwind, many of us are glued to our electronic devices and are constantly on social media or doing activities like watching videos or online shopping. Between maintaining this frantic pace of life and constant bombardment of information, it is no wonder Singaporeans are getting more impatient and easily annoyed by minor things like late food deliveries or slow-moving queues.


Thankfully, a 2017 study by the University of Rochester shows that just 15 minutes of alone time a day is enough for stressed-out individuals to feel calmer and less frazzled.  Spending time alone helps us to “deactivate” our emotions and make us feel more settled when we are feeling upset, anxious, frenzied or angry. So, this new year, why not make a resolution to spend 15 minutes of quiet time a day by yourself in a space free of distractions? These are the ways in which it will benefit you.

Feel more rested

It’s the perfect opportunity to sit down, close your eyes and relax your body. Like taking a nap, being alone has a rejuvenating and energising effect.

Release stress

When you’re alone and allow yourself to think about nothing for a while, you switch off the parts of your brain that promote heightened awareness, which can help bring your stress levels down.

Boost your productivity

There’s no doubt that when you remove all distractions and interruptions, you can think and concentrate better. And when you’re more focused, you’ll find that you can get more done in half the time.


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Solve problems more effectively

When your mind is clear of distractions, you’re better able to process the problems that are weighing on your mind and come up with good solutions for them.

Make better decisions

With no one around to influence you with their views and opinions, you’re in a better position to reflect on important decisions and go for what you want.

Understand yourself better

It’s an opportunity for you to find your own voice, connect with your feelings, and increase your self-awareness.

Text: Sasha Gonzales / Her World / January 2019
Images: Unsplash