A balanced diet and regular exercise are key to achieving a healthy body, but sometimes, you might need an added push in the right direction. Enter Svelty, the number one diet supplement brand in Japan that has sold over 13.5 million boxes since its launch in 2009.

Svelty is a holistic diet management solution that targets a wide range of issues such as digestive, intestinal and general health. Take the next step towards achieving your dream silhouette with some help from Svelty’s diet management supplements.

Top-selling diet supplements

One of Svelty’s top-selling products is Pakkun Yeast, which recently took the regional market by storm after Chinese actress Fan Bingbing featured it on her social media. This diet supplement is claimed to let people indulge in fatty, sugary foods without feeling guilty. Its main ingredient, digestive yeast, helps break down carbohydrates and sugar, preventing them from transforming into fat, which is usually absorbed by the body. Another key ingredient is the patented Liposan Ultra™, which binds three to five times more dietary fat than Chitosan.

Pakkun Yeast, $36.90 and $59.90
Pakkun Yeast, $36.90 (56 sachet) and $59.90 (120 box)

Another notable product is Black Ginger, which boasts five black ingredients—black ginger, black garlic, black onion, black pepper, and black moromi vinegar—which work in synergy to help enhance one’s natural metabolism to accelerate fat burning and increase blood circulation. It also contains other herbal extracts to boost fat burning and regulate bowel movement.

Black Ginger, $36.90 (70 sachet) and $59.90 (150 box)

Black Ginger, $36.90 (70 sachet) and $59.90 (150 box)

To improve intestinal health, try Smart Bacteria, which contains 130 billion concentrated Lactic Acid Bacteria (equivalent to 13 yoghurt servings) per dosage and a blend of 25 different bacteria to keep your gut healthy.
Smart Bacteria, $59.90

Smart Bacteria, $59.90

For those who suffer from stomach bloat due to acid reflux and indigestion, try Raw Enzymes & Yeast Premium. This supplement contains a unique blend of enzymes extracted from 200 fruits, vegetables and grains and two different yeasts to stimulate digestive enzymes to relieve bloat, improve digestion and promote healthy bowel movement.

Raw Enzymes & Yeast Premium

Raw Enzymes & Yeast Premium, $59.90

Svelty products are available at Guardian and selected Japanese speciality stores.

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