Turn to these fashion essentials for that dose of good luck for the fourth week of March.

Mar 22 – Apr 21

You may be asked to stand up for yourself at work, but that’s not going to be a problem! You’ve always been decisive and confident, so expressing your thoughts is an easy task for you. Your eloquence and professionalism will get you noticed and you may even impress your superiors!

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Apr 22 – May 21

It’s the perfect time for you to embark on a new course. Take a look at the list of classes offered and pick one that tickles your fancy. It’s OK to choose something that may not be directly linked to your job. Even though you won’t know when you’ll be able to use it, it’s still useful to learn something new.

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May 22 – Jun 21

Collaborating with your colleagues at work will do you good. While working in a team may not be your favourite thing in the world, compromising and listening to what your teammates have to say may bring you one step further in your project. Remember to not let your emotions get in the way.

Jun 22 – Jul 21

It’s all about teamwork for you. Your colleagues may not be your BFFs but that shouldn’t stop you from working amicably with them. Express your thoughts and listen to theirs when the group of you come together for a project. Remember to stay professional and put the project before your personal feelings.

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Jul 22 – Aug 21

There may be loads of opportunities coming your way at work, so be sure to grab hold of them! But don’t expect them to drop into your lap – you need to start planning and putting in effort too. Keep an open mind and don’t shy away from new duties if they’ll help you impress your superiors.

Aug 22 – Sep 21

Now is the time to make a good impression as your superiors will be paying extra attention to you. Take up duties and opportunities that come your way because it may be their method of testing you. Do well and you could be looking at a raise or even a promotion soon!

Sep 22 – Oct 21

You’re not usually the most competitive person at work, but you may be feeling slightly more into the rat race nowadays. You yearn to do your best at your job but you’re also silently hoping for challenges that could help you become stronger. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t be trying to outdo everyone – a lot can be learned from others too.

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Oct 22 – Nov 21

Your head is really in the work game and you care deeply about what you do. Stay focused and don’t let yourself get distracted by less passionate colleagues. Let yourself be motivated by your interest and the satisfaction that you know you’ll get once you’re done with your projects.

Nov 22 – Dec 21

You’ll find yourself experiencing a boost of productivity at work. Keep it up by staying focused on your tasks and stop yourself from getting distracted by social media and YouTube. Get a good work-life balance by being efficient during working hours so that you can leave for home on time.

Dec 22 – Jan 21
Maintaining solid relationships with your colleagues and superiors, as well as a good flow of communication, will help you at work. It’ll not only give you motivation to get to work every morning, but also improve the quality of your projects. Plan team lunches and take time to listen to what they say to bring everyone closer together.

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Jan 22 – Feb 21
You may feel exhausted from work, so remember that it’s OK to take some time off to recharge. Help yourself relax by going for a massage, or just spend a day at home with a good book and your favourite playlist. If you find yourself drowning at work, know that it is perfectly fine to ask your colleagues for help.

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Feb 22 – Mar 21
You may find yourself being extra sharp at work, which is going to help you a lot because more paperwork could be on the way. Be as detailed as you can in going through them, and get a colleague to look through them a second time if need be. After all, a fresh pair of eyes could be better at spotting errors.

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Text: Renaye Chan/Renaye & Paul Consultancy Group