In case you haven’t noticed, Singaporeans use a lot of straws. We use straws not only for cold drinks, but also kopi when it’s poured into a plastic bag. It’s safe to say that our use of straws is excessive.

The good news is, more businesses are helping to do their part to cut down on single-usage plastics (such as straws) by swapping them with metal straws for dine-in customers, or just not providing them at all, in the case of KFC.

The fast-food chain announced that from tomorrow, June 20, it will no longer provide plastic straws or lids for its dine-in customers at all their 84 outlets in Singapore.

Plastic lids will be provided for customers who dapao their drinks, but no straw will be provided. According to the brand, it will save an estimated 17.9 tonnes (17,900kg) of single-use plastics in a year.

These businesses are not the only ones trying to make a difference. Some individuals have also launched companies that sell reusable straws, be it metal, glass or bamboo straws. These straws are a little pricier – they cost at least $3 per straw – but can be used for a long time, and does lesser harm to the environment. Want to do your part for Mother Nature? Scroll through the gallery to see  some reusable straws to try.

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