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21 May to 20 Jun

Put yourself outside of your comfort zone and you’ll soon discover that working with others doesn’t always have to slow you down. Your cheerfulness and creativity bring out the best in those around you, and creates an even more positive working environment for yourself. So keep up the positivity and you’ll soon reap the benefits!

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21 Jun to 20 Jul

To truly maximise your potential, couple your hard work with resourcefulness. Think of new ways to tackle the problems you encounter in the office, and it will pay off in the most unexpected ways! But most importantly, remember to keep an open mind and be eager to express yourself, especially in situations that seem to stifle your creativity.

21 Jul to 21 Aug

Your tenacity has always empowered you to face all your challenges head on and conquer them with ease. But always remember to keep level-headed in times of triumph and be humble in your achievements. Empathising with those around you will pay off as you seek to put others’ needs equal to your own. 

22 Aug to 22 Sept

Although you’re usually organised at work, but you’ve been finding it hard lately to focus on what needs to be done. No one can really blame you, since you’ve been on full-throttle for the entire first half of the year. So now is the perfect time for compromise. Strike a balance by reevaluate your priorities and be discerning in choosing what truly requires attention.

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23 Sept to 22 Oct

You take great pride in building relationships with those working alongside you and enjoy the mutual encouragement and support it offers. However, your tendencies to feel insecure about yourself and your work may pop up more often than you’d like. Reassure yourself that others rely on you for a good reason and surely, you are more than capable of fulfilling your role in the workplace!

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23 Oct to 22 Nov

Your intellect, charm and attention to detail has enabled you to secure your spot in the office. However, your boldness often rubs others off the wrong way.  Remember to conduct yourself in a calm and professional manner and turn your strong willpower into a trait your co-workers can appreciate and aspire to attain.

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23 Nov to 20 Dec

Try to steer clear of unnecessary risk-taking in the workplace and maintain a low profile. The more professional and practical you seek to be, the more those working with you will be impressed by your self-restraint and discipline. Remind yourself of the value of good reasoning before making any drastic decisions you could regret!

21 Dec to 19 Jan

Be patient with those working alongside you and keep yourself organised and disciplined. When put in charge of certain tasks, keep in mind that more responsibility on your plate will translate into more recognition from others! Your capability to carry out tasks independently will soon be a skill others will respect and envy.

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20 Jan to 18 Feb

Open up to possibilities of working alongside those that may benefit from your guidance. Getting a side gig involving children will be beneficial to both you and those whom you share your experiences with. Be wary of sharing something too personal with your colleagues as overlapping private and work life may cause you to land in some hot water!

19 Feb to 20 Mar

It’s the perfect time to reassess if all your dreams are still attainable, and lock down a sensible yet exciting goal to work toward. At the same time, keep up your positive mindset and be open to new opportunities that may bring in new ideas for you to explore. Manage your time wisely and you’ll be able to beyter focus on important projects at work.

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21 Mar to 20 Apr

Take a step back and appreciate the makings of who you are outside of the workplace. Tend to the important people in your life and the simple hobbies that fueled your passion and drive to begin with. Remind yourself that success in what you do becomes more meaningful when it sprouts from a place of sincerity. 

20 Apr to 21 May

You’ll be faced with situations that require your quick wit and ability to improvise. The journey toward your goals may take you for a whirlwind ride all over the place, but hang in tight and you’ll be fine. Keep in mind that with perseverance, the ride will almost always take you to where you wish to be.

Text: Renaye Chan/Renaye & Paul Consultancy Group, April Lexi Lee