5 reasons why being an introvert is the best thing ever

1. It’s perfectly OK not to have a conversation
Someone annoying the heck out of us? We could simply ignore the person and he or she probably wouldn’t feel offended. After all, that’s how we normally behave.

2. We’re observant
We listen instead of talk—which is both a good and bad thing—so we tend to notice little details that others might miss out on. This has trained us to be quite good people-readers.

3. We can go home early from a party and people won’t judge us
No one would call us out for being a party-pooper. Instead of asking us to stay, they’d remark, “Yeah, she’s like that.”

4. People listen to us
We usually don’t say much, which is why when we do, people listen. Because they know we have something important to say. #feelempowered

5. You’re perfectly fine being alone.
Extroverts often complain of being bored to tears when they have no one to talk to. They thrive on being out there, which is tiring for us. We can survive alone—in fact, we prefer being alone. It’s a way for us to recharge after hearing so much noise. Yes, you, the extroverts, are the source of the noise.

Images: TPG/Click Photos

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