5 Things You Need to Stop Doing in 2017

New year, new rules. With how we’re always striving to be better versions of ourselves, it’s time we put a stop to certain unhelpful behaviours.

1. Stop buying stuff you really don’t need. 

Admit it, you can get through another year without having to buy new clothing. In fact, there probably is a growing BNWT stash somewhere. You don’t have to stay off buying stuff completely, just be mindful of hoarding tendencies and learn to put things back on the shelf.

2. Stop overloading your schedule.

It’s natural to want to fit everything in – see friends, indulge in leisure pursuits and shape up personal projects on top of an already busy work life. But time alone is important and good for your longterm emotional health, so slow things down and spread things out a bit.

3. Stop worrying over the guy who doesn’t text you back.

It doesn’t matter how or why, something broke down somewhere and you just gotta keep moving. If they won’t make time, neither should you, and the next one is always better.

4. Stop complaining.

Wanting to whine about sh*t is normal, but try to make peace with it within yourself instead of giving the boyfriend/BFF/mother unsolicited rants for a change. You’ll not only learn to better manage your own problems and feelings, but also learn to love yourself for it. And independence is always attractive.

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5. Stop not flossing. 

You probably know just brushing your teeth isn’t enough, but does that knowledge make you floss regularly? It should, because floss cleans places a toothbrush can’t and removes all sorts of food bits. Besides, a cleaner mouth will also make you a more confident kisser. Mmm.

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