6 Local Animal Welfare Groups You Can Lend Some Help

The unloved can always do with an extra bit of TLC.  Want to do your part for animals in need of a home but don’t know where to begin? Here are just a fraction of local welfare organisations you can lend help.

Even if you’re unable to adopt, you can always volunteer your services (writing, photo-taking, design or even transport), purchase health or food packages and/or make a donation, among a whole host of other options.

There’s plenty to do for these fur babies that didn’t get the best lot in life, and chalking up karma points is always a plus.

1. Animal Lovers League (ALL)

A no-kill shelter that homes some 700 dogs and cats, ALL is one of the island’s  largest and longest serving animal welfare groups.

You can save a dog (which includes vaccinating and deworming them) for $18, or a cat for $22. Want to ensure at least one pet is well fed every month? Just aside $60 regularly.

2. Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) 

SOSD rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes stray dogs. If you can afford it, consider sponsoring a dog for $180/month. You’ll be free to visit and play with it without having to worry about the responsibilities that living with a pet entails.

3. Causes for Animals Singapore (CAS)

CAS is a shelter for both dogs and cats. Pet food bundles begin at $10, and you can either make a one-off donation or a monthly commitment. Like the idea of providing shelter? You can sponsor a kennel for $100/month.

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4. Cat Welfare Society

ADOPTION NOTICE: Our hearts go out to 4-year-old Tinklebell who has been through so many stressful situations. When her first family couldn’t afford to keep her any longer, she was given to a new family who abandoned her when they moved away. Left to fend for herself as a community cat, little Tinkle was often frightened, nervous and lonely. Thank goodness her rescuer took her in, and since then, Tinklebell is slowly regaining her confidence. She loves high vantage points and once she warms up to you, her affectionate nature will charm your socks right off. A fan of young children, Tinklebell will do well in a home where she can get lots of pats! Please consider giving this sweetheart the Happily Ever After she so deserves. ? . . If you can give Tinklebell a home, please contact Sharon at 8125-4900. # #CatWelfareSociety #CWS #CWSAdoptions #Adoptions #AdoptDontShop #Cats #Kittens #CatsOfInstagram #SGCats #AnimalWelfare #Singapore #LoveCats #

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This organisation rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes cats . You can do your bit for the kitties by making a monthly donation of $10, and pledge your support by becoming a member for $40.

5. Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES)

An animal protection organisation, ACRES aims to fight animal cruelty and doesn’t look out for just dogs and cats. You can provide enrichment for the creatures at the rescue centre for $10/month, fund a whole day of wildlife rescue for $50/month or cover medical costs for a rescued animal for $100/month, among a list of other things.

6. Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter (OSCAS)

Meet CX and Destiny! Thank you @oscassingapore for such a great day!

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OSCAS is another spot for stray dogs. You can sponsor one for as low as $50/month or make a donation of food and other items.

With CNY round the corner there’s no reason to make use of some of that extra cash to make a donation, no matter how small. After all, kindness begets kindness.

Image: Woottigon Angworakul/123RF.com 


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