Is my girlfriend right about my boyfriend

Question: My best friend tells me my boyfriend is wrong for me. Is she right, or is she just biased?

Answer: “When we are dating the wrong guy, chances are, we will not be the first to know it. We might be so blinded that we do not realise something is amiss, so our friends see things more objectively. Let your best friend’s track record speak for her. Has she always been a wet blanket, who pooh-poohs everything you have shared with her in the past? Or has she always been relatively wise and supportive? If this is the first time she is disapproving of a boyfriend, maybe it is really time to sit up and see if there’s any truth to what she is saying. At the end of the day, since you have chosen her as your best friend, I am sure she has many positive qualities that you admire.” – Violet Lim, CEO, Lunch Actually


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