Which LINE Character Is Your BFF Like?

Our BFF might be the weirdest character around, but we still love them to bits. If you haven’t taken the LINE quiz in the October issue (Which LINE Are You Anyway?), try this one to see which LINE character is similar to your BFF.

Your BFF… might come across as cold and aloof, even feisty, at first, but once you get to know her, you realise that she’s warm and has a heart of gold.
Your BFF is like… Brown

Your BFF… is your shopping buddy. She’s hard to impress and is a perfectionist. Shopping trips can be a nightmare sometimes, but you also know you’re getting the best.
Your BFF is like… Jessica

Your BFF… is simple-minded. And you don’t mean that in a degrading way. You admire how she can sieve out the unnecessary things and make things less complex. But don’t think she’s all cute and innocent – she also has a cheeky side.
Your BFF is like… Sally

Your BFF… is an introvert. Some people say introverts make for great musicians, and this seems to be true in her case. You’re always in awe of her talent, and reckon she’ll be the next YouTube sensation.
Your BFF is like… Leonard

Your BFF… loves books, words and printed materials. And her wealth of knowledge from all the reading she has done definitely shows – she makes sound judgment, which is why you always go to her for advice.
Your BFF is like… Edward

Your BFF… is not the happiest person in the world. But you adore her grumpy side anyway because her other traits more than make up for it. For one, she’s loyal so you can always count on her to have your back.
Your BFF is like… Boss

Your BFF… is charming, which is why she’s always in the centre of attention. Everyone loves her, but you know very well that she can be a bit indecisive and lazy. But that’s fine because she’s like you in every way.
Your BFF is like… Cony

Your BFF… is self-centred – not. She’s just brimming with confidence. But that doesn’t be she’s self-absorbed. She has a heart of gold and is probably one of the kindest people you know.
Your BFF is like… James

Your BFF… is unpredictable and spontaneous, and that’s why you love her so. She’s always up for a challenge, so you know you have a travel buddy when you feel like backpacking around Southeast Asia.
Your BFF is like… Moon

Images: LINE

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