Here’s how to start February with a bang!


Jan 22 – Feb 21

You’ve got your finances in check so use this time to get a headstart on the paper work and avoid the trouble later on. While it’s great to reward yourself every now and then, remember not to overspend. You’re feeling fresh and full of life so go ahead and try new activities by eating clean or picking up a new sport!

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Feb 22 – Mar 21

You may find yourself having a blast from the past when an old flame appears. Resist the temptation to rekindle the spark and remember why you ended it off in the first place. Pisceans in love, your sex drive is heightened this Valentine’s, so plan a fun and romantic night out to let him know that he will always be your Number One.                                         

Mar 22 – Apr 21

You’ll find yourself wanting to do some self-discovery so go ahead and try things you’ve never done before. Those in a relationship might face some communication problems – nip this in the bud by sitting down and having a heart-to-heart conversation to iron out any issues the both of you may have.
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Apr 22 – May 21

Though you usually prefer hustling alone, it seems like working in groups or partnerships during this period of time will benefit you. Be bold and assertive as that will help to gain respect from your colleagues, but don’t forget to keep an open mind when listening to others’ opinions – it’s a learning opportunity too! 

May 22 – Jun 21

The past few months may have taken a toll on your mental and physical health, so take some time off to catch up on rest. Relax with a massage sesh or hit the gym to keep your body in the pink of health. Your spontaneous nature will snag the attention of many potential partners, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting charmed by someone you’ve known for a while.

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Jun 22 – Jul 21

Whether you’re single or attached, this Valentine’s Day will be a great one for you. You’ll find yourself attending more events than usual so keep your eyes peeled – the next person you hit off with may just become your special someone! Cancerians in love will also be tempted to try new things that will strengthen your relationship.

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Jul 22 – Aug 21

If you’ve been running a side business, now is a great time to expand as you’ll find many opportunities for it to take off. However, before you sign off on any important contracts, remember to read through it thoroughly – you wouldn’t want to be caught in a trap! Don’t forget to take me-time to relax too and let things flow at its own pace. 

Aug 22 – Sep 21

Hunting for a new job? Switch up the look of your CV or broadcast it over different channels to catch the eye of potential employers. Don’t worry if your bank account seems stagnant at the moment, the later half of the month will solve those money issues. Focus on getting your tasks done now. 

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Sep 22 – Oct 21

Someone at work will irritate you, but keep calm and your ingenuity will bring you through. Librans with a special someone, go ahead and start planning for Valentine’s Day because any plans you make will definitely bring you two closer. Why not go for a short getaway together or take a romantic stroll at the park?

Oct 22 – Nov 21

It’s time to start putting forth those ideas that have been whirling inside your head, as it will let your bosses see you as a valuable team member. Scorpios in love, you’re never one for meaningless flings but this Valentine’s, you’ll find yourselves craving deeper intimacy with your partner. Psst, chances are he’ll be on the same page as you. 

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Nov 22 – Dec 21

Don’t worry if you’re not feeling particularly affectionate. Use this time to connect with your boyfriend through deep conversations instead – you may just be surprised at the outcome! Spend some time recharging alone as well. Snuggling in bed with a cup of tea and a good book may just be the refreshing me-time you need.

Dec 22 – Jan 21
Maintaining a professional image will take centre stage and going the extra mile to look your absolute best will benefit you greatly at work. Don’t worry if you find yourself tempted to spend on unnecessary things, your innate ability to look after money will keep your bank account looking healthy. 

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Text: Renaye Chan/Renaye & Paul Consultancy Group, Arin Tan