Alberto Truccolo


Age: 22
Alberto is currently pursuing a Masters in Finance, and lists cooking as one of his hobbies. He reveals that he can make a mean shrimp and prosecco risotto, among other Italian dishes. “It’s in my DNA – I come from a culture where cooking is a very important part of our daily life.” His inspiration? His grandmother. “Sometimes, I Skype with my granny and she shares secret recipes.” Alberto also loves to travel and has more than a few funny stories to share. He once went on an impromptu trip to Amsterdam after a night of partying. “I was so tired when I got there that I left the car in the middle of the city, without even checking if there was a parking spot… and forgot about it. When I went back three days later, the car was gone. The police had removed it, and the fine was more than the entire cost of the weekend!”

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