Avinash Vardza Raju


Age: 26
Occupation: Management Associate
Instagram: @runningriots

Avinash is currently enrolled in a graduate programme at a bank. He’s into sports and travelling and is always up for an adventure—in fact, to him, the more dangerous the experience, the better. Here are some things to know about him.


He works out with his parents

Avinash works out four to five times a week and does so early in the morning before going to work. While he confesses that he hits the gym at dawn because he “can’t stand sharing machines”, he explains that he does it mainly because he gets to join his parents. “My parents wake up earlier than me, at 5am. They’re motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle so my brother and I don’t have to take care of them because of a health condition they could have prevented,” he says. “I’m very inspired by that.”

Rugby has always been a big part of his life

Avinash was on the school team when he was in Raffles Institution and Raffles Junior College and says his team won the championships for two years in a row when he was in the latter. He’s currently part of his university’s alumni team and plays with the undergrads once a month. “We play with the guys so they can prepare for tournaments,” he explains. “It’s not as competitive but it’s also not super friendly.”


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He credits his commando training for shaping his character  

“The training is really hectic, so it makes you focus and prioritise what’s important to you,” he shares. “It has changed the way I make everyday decisions and how I prioritise them. Also, because I was an officer, I learnt people management at an early age. This skill has come in handy now that I’m in the working world.”



He almost died for the ’gram

Avinash isn’t afraid to admit that he’d do anything for a good picture—even if it means dancing with death. One time, he walked into the middle of a frozen lake for a shot but plunged into the glacial waters when the ice gave way. “I was in my winter clothes and the weight was dragging me down,” he says. “I was like, ‘I’m going to die.’ Plus, my hands were bleeding because the ice was very sharp.” But that wasn’t the worst of it. “When I got back on land, I asked my friend if he took the photo and he said, ‘No’. I was like, ‘I didn’t care about my safety, and yet you didn’t take the photo (laughs)?’” 


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Golden hour but face like golden shower

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He considers himself a “hyper extrovert”

But he’s quick to add that he’s only like that around close friends. (“It’s not like I’ll walk into a room and go, ‘OMG, hey!’”) He says his pals would probably describe him as “amicable” and “crazy”, and that he’s the sort to do something someone says he can’t just to prove a point. He also considers himself an “intense” friend. “I’m the sort who will type an entire monologue and ask, ‘Why are you reading and not replying me (laughs)?’” 

Solo travel is a no-no for him

And it’s not because he needs someone to take his IG pictures—not really, anyway. “Travelling is something I believe you should experience with someone else. You can do it alone for a day or two, but if you see something cool, you’d want to talk to someone about it instead of internalising it in your head.” That said, he loves travelling and is looking to make a trip to South America “because it’s so dangerous”.

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