Boris Tan

Age: 26
Occupation: Insurance Agent
Find him on Instagram: @oxymoboron

He joined Channel U’s Superband before
“There was this guy in our band who was extremely good-looking. After we went for the audition, he got published on iWeekly a few days later for being the youngest and most good-looking contestant, so I think we got in because of him, and not because we made good music (laughs).”

He learns everything from YouTube
Boris knows boxing, barbering, how to make a website and how to do bodyweight exercises – and he picked up all of these skills just by watching YouTube videos.

He thinks a good conversation is the key to an ideal date
The 26-year-old is quite the talker, so we were hardly surprised. “I think intelligence is a very sexy thing… For a nice date, conversation has to happen. It should be a two-way thing.”

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