Chan Tai Chen


Age: 20
Occupation: Student/Model
Instagram: @taibrah

Tai says he used to party a lot but has decided to slow down recently because, well, #adulting. Extroverted, sociable and big on Instagram, he’s also emotional, sensitive, and refreshingly honest.


SWATCH SKINNATURE (SYXS116), $209. Distressed denim jacket, $126, Topman.

He’s recently gotten social media fatigue

Tai used to be “obsessed” with social media, to the point where it took over his life. But last December, he realised he would be more concerned about attending events and posting about them rather than actually having a good time and enjoying himself. “I used to prioritise tagging my well-known friends over my closer friends. And I’m sure my friends could sense it.” Consider him reformed.

He’s looking forward to the next stage of his life

This self-confessed party animal loves the nightlife and meeting people. At the peak of his partying days, he would be out every night. But like his social media habit, it took its toll. “I’m getting tired–these days, I usually stay home and watch Netflix.” Now that he’s started an internship, he’s excited about the next phase in his life. “It feels good to get up at an early hour, see the sunrise and do things, instead of waking up late like I used to.”


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He started playing the piano at an early age

At the tender age of four, he played a piano duet with his sister at the Esplanade. At 12, he received his Grade 8 diploma. Piano aside, he also knows the basics of cello. Since he grew up playing the piano, he still enjoys listening to classical music to destress.

Modelling may be fun now, but it’s not permanent

Tai was scouted at 18, and now occasionally models on the side. Modelling, he describes, is a way for him to meet a lot of new people, and is a unique experience only other models would understand. That being said, it was never meant to be a viable career. “It’s an ego boost, but it’s not sustainable,” he says. “I’m not going to prioritise it over school or work.”


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His dad is his role model

Tai cites his dad as an important influence on his life. “He doesn’t tell me to learn from him—but I see what he does and I understand.” Tai recounts how his dad started from nothing and eventually built his career to be highly successful, but still donates to temples or people in need on the street. “He’s a good person at heart.”

Just call him a Sensitive New Age Guy

“My friends describe me as someone who can get overrun by his emotions,” Tai says. “I’m someone who can be vulnerable.” And when it comes to dating, he describes himself as extremely romantic. “When I like someone, I will commit 100 percent. I will look after her no matter what, and give her security and look after her well-being.”

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