Chong Yu Yong


Age: 28
Occupation: Key Account Manager
Instagram: @yyongss

Yu Yong graduated from Chemical Engineering in National University of Singapore, but he’s now handling the business side of things as the key account manager at a petrochemical company. One of the reasons why he took up the job? The fact that he gets to travel. “Travelling is something I enjoy. I like being able to see something different, and eat different foods that you don’t usually get in Singapore.” 


Faux leather jacket, $143.90, River Island from ZALORA.

He likes hanging out in groups, but not too big a group

Yu Yong loves the outdoors and he reckons those activities are more enjoyable when done in a group. However, interaction is equally important for him, which is why he prefers hanging out in smaller groups so “everybody gets a fair share of time to interact with each other”. He says: “The interaction is more meaningful in a smaller group.”

When he’s abroad, he likes to experience things like a local

His job allows him to travel often, and post-meetings, he would use the little time he has to experience the city like a local. He prefers to walk instead of taking public transport because it allows him to “soak in the atmosphere.” He recalls: “When I was in Tokyo, I walked from my hotel all the way to Ginza, which was quite a distance away. The weather was nice because it was in November so it was cooling. When I told my boss, he said, ‘Huh? You walked so far, ah?’ I said, ‘Yeah, but the weather is nice what.’”


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He loves to sleep and can sleep anywhere

“I can fall asleep anywhere. Who can ever get enough of sleep?” He has even fallen asleep on the beach, under the hot sun. “My friend was like, ‘You snored for a while.’” While his love for sleep hasn’t posed a problem for him or his friends, his snores has. “‘When I go on trips with my friends, they would be like, ‘We need to sleep first before he sleeps!’ But maybe it’s hereditary cos my dad snores. In fact, everyone in my family snores. But it hasn’t been a problem for me because I can’t even hear myself.”

His idea of a great date is all about dynamics

“For me, the dynamics of the date is very crucial. You can tell when someone is really enjoying herself, or if someone is dying to get out of the date.” He knows a date is going well when there are not many moments of awkward silences and he finds common interests to talk about with his date. Another telling point? “There’s lots of laughing.” So if you want to be his ideal date, just make him laugh!


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He took part in competitive lifesaving when he was in university

Competitive lifesaving is a thing, in case you didn’t know (we didn’t either). Yu Yong joined life-saving classes when he was in university. He went on to get a certification in life-saving and started doing it competitively. “I was drawn to the fact that the sport has a pool event and a beach event. The sport encompasses quite a large variety of things to do. For the pool, there’s the usual swim and mannequin rescues, and when we move on to the beach—which I prefer—we have water crafts that we paddle out into the ocean like a canoe. And there’s also the “open water swim”, which is a bit different from pool swimming because you have to consider that there are waves and drifts in the water.” Even after graduating, Yu Yong hasn’t given up his interest in the sport. On some weekends, he would go back to his alma mater, chat with his juniors and impart the knowledge and skills he has picked up over the years.

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