Chris Yap


Age: 27
Occupation: Assistant Director
Instagram: @chrisyapty

Just call Chris the ultimate family man. A hard worker who kept his nose to the grindstone since he graduated, he spreads his time between his family, friends and a recent interest in aquatic life.


Button-up shirt, $79.90, Urban Revivo. Crew-neck tee, $69, O.N.S from Kapok.

He failed accounting in polytechnic

For someone with a double degree in finance and accounting, and who previously worked as an auditor, it was a surprise to find out his first attempt at accounting was a bust. So he got himself tuition (this he admits sheepishly), worked hard, and turns out he wasn’t so bad at it after all. “I think finance is a topic that’s beneficial outside of work, because you can apply the concepts to your personal life.”

He used to be in a band

He may be clean cut now, but Chris used to have long hair and was a self-confessed hippie. Back in his school days, he played guitar in a band. “I learnt it just for the band!” he says. “Technically, we weren’t that great, and we were lucky to get gigs.” They performed at Sound Series, Arena at Clarke Quay and even St James Power Station. “Those were the glory days, but I haven’t touched the guitar since.” It was enlisting into National Service that was the band’s demise.


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He has a six foot-long aquarium

At home, Chris has a massive tank that houses an arowana (which his mum calls the Juggernaut) and other small fish. While laughing that he knows it sounds like an “uncle” hobby, he explains: “It’s therapeutic to watch them swim. And it takes a lot of science to keep them alive!”

He’s all about family

When asked who he’d pick as the ideal dinner party guest, dead or alive, he answered: “Honestly, it would just be my family.” Really? “Family is the most important thing to me.” He says his go-to person for advice is his mum, and tells her “everything”.


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He worked hard for his car

The purchase wasn’t planned, but since he started working, he realised he had enough savings to finally seal the deal. “I bought a selfish car—it’s a two seater,” he says. “I figured this is the only age where I can get a two-seater car and it still be acceptable.” Once a wife and kids come, there’s no space for a baby seat.

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