Clarence Lee

Age: 25
Occupation: Post-graduate Student
Find him on Instagram: @clarenceleeyongchuen

He’s a Ted Mosby
The architect-in-training says he used to play with LEGO blocks a lot when he was younger, and it naturally developed into a love for building things. And just like Ted from How I Met Your Mother, he can talk endlessly about his favourite buildings. “My friends who are doing other degrees would have no idea what I’m talking about when I talk about architecture,” he says. “If I want to put a person to sleep, I will talk about architecture.”

He has a very excitable Golden Retriever who will be pleased to meet you
We told the boys they were allowed to bring their pets for this photoshoot, but Clarence decided not to bring his dog because it’s not very well-behaved. “He gets very… excited (read: humps everything) when he sees people.”

He has a lightsaber collection
Clarence shyly confessed he’s a huge fan of Star Wars, and currently has seven lightsabers in his collection.

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