Derrick Khoo

Age: 36
Occupation: Corporate Lawyer

He has worked in Hong Kong, Dubai, Shanghai and Yangon
Derrick packed his bags and left Singapore 11 years ago to work overseas. “It’s part of my hunger to get an international experience; to get out of my comfort zone and force myself to grow. And that keeps me going.” He’s currently the head of legal for an investment firm.

He gets mistaken as a Mainland Chinese sometimes, even in Singapore
“I’ve been in China for four years now, so I sometimes have a PRC accent. Cab drivers ask me, ‘Are you Singaporean? You sound like you’re from the Mainland.’”

He wanted to go into politics when he was 11
While most 11-year-olds are unsure of their ambitions, Derrick always knew he wanted to be in politics. “I looked at the politicians then and had a lot of respect for what they were doing. I listened to my family tell me about the roles they played, and I felt like it was very fulfilling. It’s very challenging [and] requires a lot of leadership.” He reveals that he still has plans to go into politics, even now.

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