Dustin Lim


Age: 26
Creative Manager
Instagram: @DUST_LIM
Immediately after completing his NS, Dustin joined his family business, where he does design and marketing. But the family business isn’t something that’s particularly “male-oriented”. “My sister is a distributor of maternity products, like breast pumps,” says Dustin. He admits he’s become pretty knowledgeable about the products. Clearly, family is very important to Dustin, who is the youngest of six children. “The six of us make an effort to meet up during events like Chinese New Year,” he says. The one thing he has yet to do, though, is bring a girlfriend home to meet the fam. “Between my four sisters, grandmother and my mother, there’s a lot of pressure,” he says with a laugh. “They always ask a lot of questions, like what does she do and stuff.”

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