Edriane Lim


Age: 29
Occupation: Bartender
Instagram: @drained107

The shy kid from the Philippines who hated small talk has come a long way. Edriane has big dreams in the F&B industry, and he’s got his game face on. Here are some things to know about him.


Jacket, $149; Crew-neck sweater, $119, both Selected Homme from ZALORA.

He left home to work in Singapore eight years ago

Born and raised in the Philippines, Edriane initially had no plans of working overseas. However, when he was fresh out of school with a degree in hospitality management, an opportunity to interview for a position at Swissotel The Stamford’s Equinox Restaurant came up. He gave it a shot at the encouragement of his parents.

Bartending gives him a chance to meet people

“I started off as a waiter, but I soon became interested in beverages,” he says. Since then, he’s worked at the Fairmont Hotel, Atlas Bar and most recently, The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore. “I like meeting different people when I work, like CEOs, people who are frequent travellers, older guests. They tell me their stories and experiences.”


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His job means he’s a night owl

Bartending means he works a night shift of 3pm to 2am. It can be tough, but Edriane sees the positive in it. “You don’t fight with housemates for the bathroom, there’s no rush hour traffic, and no one’s at the gym.” He’s also discovered late-night Korean and Thai barbecue joints for supper spots. The late nights aren’t the best recipe for a healthy lifestyle, so he’s trying to cut down on sugar and started going to the gym.

He’s worked out a social life around his schedule

Working the graveyard shift means he can’t hang out with his friends after work like most people do. “I meet my friends on Sunday, or when they come to the bar,” he explains. In fact, he’s brought his friends on bar hops, and he can get through 10 bars in one night. On his days off, he still loves to visit bars, with Idlewild at Intercontinental being his favourite (other than the bar he works at, of course).


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Visiting the US is on his bucket list

Edriane’s widely travelled (he’s been to Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, Spain, Korea and Japan), but what he really wants to do is visit the USA. On his list is a bourbon trail in Kentucky, where bourbon distilleries are situated next to each other. A basketball fan (“it’s a big sport in the Philippines, I grew up watching and playing it”), he wants to watch an NBA game live.

The end goal is to open his own place

The original plan was to return to the Philippines by the time he turns 30, but Edriane decided to hold out a little longer and get more experience in Singapore while he can. “I always follow a plan, and the aim is to open my own restaurant/bar in the Philippines by 40.” He envisages a lounge bar that’s not too dark or loud, serving a fusion of Filipino and international cuisine.

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