Gary Lim

Age: 21
Occupation: Student
Find him on Instagram: @garehhhhhh

He wants to meet everyone
When it comes to extroversion, it seems Gary is on another level. The Business Administration undergraduate says, “I really like to socialise and meet new people. Some even call me a social butterfly. I just want to see what the world has to offer.”

His dating advice for guys? Don’t procrastinate
Gary admits to being a procrastinator, but claims he’s trying to break the habit. “When you’re late for a date with your girlfriend, you don’t want to get her angry, so it’s better not to procrastinate in doing things like showering. [I’m guilty of this but] I’m fixing it (laughs).”

His most memorable date involved catching Pokémon
A romantic date doesn’t always have to involve a candlelit dinner. Gary recalled that one of the most memorable dates he’s had happened when Pokémon GO first came out. “We spent the whole day walking around different places catching Pokémon. It was very simple and didn’t cost a lot, but we spent quality time together.”

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