Gregory Gan


Age: 28
Occupation: Gymnastics Coach
Instagram: @cptgregory

Gregory took up gymnastics at six and was a national gymnast till his retirement four years ago. He currently teaches adult gymnastics classes and is also an international judge with the Federation of International Gymnastics. Here are some things to know about him.


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It was his parents who inspired his love for the sport

Gregory’s parents were ex-national gymnasts themselves—they opened a gymnastics studio after retiring from the sport professionally and the gym was where he had his first taste of tumbling around. “I started competing when I was in Primary 4,” he says. “I took part in my first international competition when I was in Primary 5, at the Pacific School Games in Sydney. And I represented Singapore all the way till I retired.”

He knows a thing or two about discipline

“When I was in secondary school, things were very stressful—I had to train six days a week, and during the school holidays, I’d double the training hours,” he says. “Every morning in school was just me trying to stay awake because I’d only finish my homework at like 12am or 1am, then I had to wake up early.”


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But reckons he can be quite “lazy”

Gregory goes to the gym every day, yet he says he’s “actually very lazy”. We know right. “It’s exactly because I’m lazy that I try to go to the gym every day. Because if I don’t, I’ll just laze around, do nothing and gain weight.” His ideal way to unwind is to Netflix, drink wine and eat chips—and if you’re wondering, he doesn’t avoid desserts. His favourite kind? Black forest cake.

He finds a lot of joy in teaching adults

“Adults take classes out of their own volition and have their own fitness goals,” he explains. “They understand what is required of them and their bodies, so when they’re able to execute a move, it’s to their own credit. The hard work is theirs. I’m just there to lead and guide them and that’s how I derive a sense of satisfaction.”


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He’ll be opening his very own studio next month

Gregory is currently in the midst of opening his own gymnastics studio, GymGround, along Neil Road and will be welcoming adult students at the spot next month. Interested to learn more about it? Follow him on IG for updates.

He’s also passionate about the environment

Gregory is also quite the tree-hugger. He actually has a degree in business and environmental science, and while he didn’t take on a job in that field, he still does his part in saving the earth. “I do my own recycling,” he shares. “I segregate my trash and make it a point to use less plastics—so I carry reusable bags around and use metal cutlery. I also sleep without air-conditioning.”

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