Hadi Danial


Instagram: @HADIDANIAL__
Here’s a cute story about Hadi: it was his mum who nominated him to be a CLEO Bachelor. And she got really excited when he was shortlisted for the photoshoot. Here’s something else about this communications student: he’s always been pretty fit – he used to be active in Judo, badminton and football and now does callisthenic workouts six times a week. Discipline is the name of this CLEO Bachelor’s game, so it shouldn’t be surprising that he also eats clean and is in the midst of a 30-day body transformation challenge. But that’s not to say Hadi doesn’t know how to have fun – he says friends will attest to his spontaneity, and while he’ll make a loyal boyfriend, he’s also the type to pull pranks on his girlfriend. He also says he’s “pretty good” with parents and knows just how to get into their good books: “Compliment their food and tell them how nice their house is!” Hadi hopes to work in front of the camera in the future, so remember, you saw him here first.

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