Janan Tobiah Lim


Age: 25
Occupation: Technical Services Engineer
Instagram: @jananlim

Janan embodies the true spirit of giving. Whether it’s to those in need, educating others of the needs of others, or just spray painting roses for his friends, he puts in the effort. Here are some things to know about him.


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He’s responsible for a great flying experience

Janan’s job at Singapore Airlines requires him to rectify any technical issues on the plane, specifically the cabin interiors. Coming from a family of engineers, he studied mechanical engineering at NUS, but originally wanted to pursue music as a career. But he now loves what he does. “Now that I’m applying what I learnt, I really enjoy the work. The cabin crew is always really appreciative.”


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Music was initially his calling

Janan plays the saxophone, drums, guitar and piano, and used to perform in a band at Timbre and Hard Rock Café. “The dream is to play in a musical one day,” he says. “The Lion King is one of the greatest musicals I’ve ever watched because it’s so joyous.” With his interest and knowledge in music, it’s not surprising that he has even planned out the song he wants to play at his wedding: a saxophone cover of “Beautiful in White”.

He went to Palestine for his graduation trip

After graduating, he spent a month in Palestine and Israel, wanting to understand the Christian community of the country. “I want to help debunk religious and ethnic stereotypes,” he says. “Just because you belong to one religion doesn’t make you a good or bad person.”

His experience in Palestine taught him a surprising lesson

He remembers the Palestinians as people who “know how to throw a party and enjoy life despite the tension in the region.” On a long bus ride, they took out bottles, started making music, and sang for two hours straight. When Janan asked where this happy-go-lucky mentality comes from, they told him: “We party because this could be the last time we see each other again.”


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He’s all about giving back to those in need

Janan has done volunteer work in both Singapore and overseas. On a trip to Athens with Alliance Relief, he gave out fliers and directed refugees to a help centre. This passion comes down to the people who changed his life as a child. “I used to fight and loved stealing, and at one point I was short, obese and insecure. It was my friends who helped me.” Now he tries to pay it forward by impacting the lives of others.

He’s great with his hands

Janan loves making personal gifts. When he was the chairperson of his hostel block, he would make gifts for people and would look to Pinterest for inspiration. At one point, he spent two full days making The Great Gatsby-inspired photo frames for 250 freshmen. Recently, for Valentine’s Day, he made five friends a Beauty & the Beast rose in a glass dome. “My friends didn’t believe I made them!” he laughs. “People always think engineers are nerdy and square.”

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