Jasper Lee


Age: 26
Systems Analyst
Instagram: @JASPERLEE27
On weekdays, Jasper works at PSA Corporation Limited, putting his Computer Science degree to good use. On weekends, he’s most likely to be on the field, playing football. The 26-year-old used to coach kids at private football academy JSSL Singapore, and had dreams of making a career out of it. However, he opted for the safer route of IT. “I had to be realistic when it came to my career, especially considering the football scene is not so advanced here,” he says. However, when it comes to love, he’s not always as pragmatic. Last year, he flew to Norway for a week to surprise his girl, who was on an exchange programme. It was right before his mid-term exams, when he really should have been studying. “I let my heart take over my mind,” he admits.

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