Jaze Phua


Age: 27
Occupation: Filmmaker
Instagram: @jazephua

Find Jaze familiar? You probably recognise him from his series of mirror run challenge videos that have gone viral worldwide. And yes, he’s also the guy who recently released a low-budget Avengers: Endgame trailer. Here are some things to know about him.


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He didn’t think his first mirror run challenge video would do so well

Jaze was taken aback by how much attention the first video garnered and isn’t even sure why it took off. “I don’t know why it went viral. I think it’s because there’s some action in it. Plus, it’s funny,” he says. “When I posted the first video, I had 14,000 followers. Now, I have close to 79,000. It’s crazy.” He has since put out a few other sequel videos and plans “to only stop when people ask me to stop”.

He co-owns a production company

He founded JUO Studios (formerly known as JUO Productions) two years ago. Jaze spends most of his time directing commercials but he also produces short films and TV series—a recent one his company recently produced is Dead Lucky for Toggle, where he plays a ruthless assassin called Jasper. He also puts out various web series on YouTube, such as The Rule Breakers.


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He’s multi-talented

Jaze studied animation in school, which probably isn’t surprising considering the work he puts out. But that’s not all he has to offer creatively. “I love to paint and draw,” he says. “The work I do now actually started from drawing. I started when I was four years old—my parents sent me for classes and my dream back then was to become a comic artist. I wanted to become an animator then, but after touching a camera, I decided to be a filmmaker instead.”

He also sings—and he’s taking it pretty seriously

Even though he says he “sings as a pastime at night”, he has a vocal coach that he takes lessons from every week. “Singing is a hobby, but I eventually want to write my own songs and shoot my own music video. I’ve sung live at a couple of bars and showcases,” he shares. He’s quick to add, however, that he doesn’t plan on becoming a full-time singer, and that he only wants to branch into it because it’s one of his passions.


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Optimism is the name of his game

“I’m very positive. I always say, ‘Sure can one.’ Everything also ‘Sure can one’,” he says. And he thinks he’s quite funny, albeit not in a typical way (“I have an awkward style of humour”). He also knows how to take a break, and plays basketball and football or watches Netflix when he isn’t working.

He’s an animal lover

Jaze owns one dog and two cats. “I share the pets with my sister, but she spends more on them than I do,” he says while breaking into laughter. “I mostly just play with them but I do walk my dog every day.” FYI, his pets have their own IG accounts: his dog’s is @loganthejapspitz while his cats’ is @rufusxhunter.

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