Johan Sabri

Age: 23
Occupation: Undergraduate

He’s quite the adventurous traveller
Johan admits that he likes to go for backpacking trips, and his most memorable one was to India.

A lot of people think he’s arrogant – they’re wrong
The undergraduate reckons that one of the biggest misconceptions people have about him is that he has a big ego. “Maybe because I don’t [seem like] a person who talks much, so they think I’m arrogant; a little snobbish.”

He once planned a picnic for his girlfriend… but didn’t quite succeed
While he joked he could be a romantic if he just put in more effort, a date he planned in secondary school proves he’s a pretty thoughtful guy. “I planned to bake a cake for the girl, prepare flowers and have a picnic, but I messed up the cake, so we just went out to have a picnic and a normal meal… It was quite romantic when the delivery guy came.”

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