Jonathan Ong


Age: 27
Occupation: Banker
Instagram: @jonochromicorn

Jonathan may be a surfer boy at heart, but he’s still got a practical head on his shoulders. He finds a balance between building his career, and heeding the call to adventure. Here are some things to know about him.


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He’s a Slytherin, and proud of it

A big fan of fantasy novels, Jonathan counts Game of Thrones as one of his favourites (“I started reading the books before the TV series came out!”). The love of fantasy started off with the Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl series. “I love Slytherin—I think Slytherins are misunderstood. They’re just people who are more independent and driven.” As for his Patronus, it’s a dragon.

He’s new to the Instagram game

Jonathan only jumped on the IG bandwagon two or three years ago, because he initially thought social media was a “hassle”. In fact, it was his friend who started the account for him. “Now I enjoy it,” he confesses. As for his handle, it’s a reference to Lord Monochromicorn, a black unicorn created as an antithesis to Adventure Time’s Lady Rainicorn.


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The person he’d most like to meet is a female pilot

A pilot license is on his bucket list, so it’s unsurprising that the person he’d like to have a chat with is Amelia Earhart, who was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and who mysteriously disappeared in 1937. “I thought she was someone who fought stereotypes and who was also really brave,” he says. “And I’d like to find out what happened to her.”

He loves food too much to go on a diet

“I love fried food and ice cream,” Jonathan says. He loves food so much, he watches cooking videos on YouTube for fun. This Gordon Ramsay fan has “tried 70 percent of his cooking videos”, including the signature beef wellington. The youngest in his family, he cooks frequently for his family and at the request of his two older sisters.

The ocean is his calling

Three years ago, he discovered surfing while visiting his sister in Australia. Since then, he tries to travel to hit the waves every three months. Describing surfing as less of a hobby than a lifestyle, Jonathan recounts waking up early in the morning, checking the tide charts and hitting the waves. “You feel good for the rest of the day. It’s a zen moment to be out alone on the waves.”


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He’s one for adventure

One of his most memorable trips was when he travelled around Myanmar and Thailand on a scooter. In fact, he learnt how to ride the scooter on the spot. While it wasn’t backpacking per se since he wasn’t roughing it out when it came to accommodation, he travelled light with just a small backpack of essentials for two weeks.

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