Jordan How


Age: 25
Rock Climbing Instructor
Instagram: @HOWDYDOODY_
Believe it or not, this rock climbing instructor, who has been doing the sport for eight years, used to have a fear of heights. How he got over his acrophobia is a story for the grandkids: the 25-year-old went on an impromptu trip with his brother to Krabi, Thailand, where they decided to try cliff-jumping after seeing banners advertising the sport. Soon after, he got “hooked on the amazing feeling of climbing”, adding that it changed his life for the better. “I like the thrill that comes from it, which makes me feel alive.” But he jokes that he still does “normal sports” like playing basketball and hitting the gym. The go-getter is now taking his love of heights to a new level by applying for pilot training school, which marries another interest of his – travelling!

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