Jordan Telfer

Age: 26
Occupation: Sales Operations Executive
Find him on Instagram: @jordantelfer

He loves the great outdoors
Jordan is from a New Zealand town where there’s a lot of lakes so naturally, he’s into water sports and fishing. “My family lives by the sea, so we would go out and dive for crayfish and scallops.”

He has an extensive travel bucket list
It includes the African plains, Mongolia and Nepal, and it’s not surprising that most of the destinations he listed are known for their wildlife and nature!

He’s trying not to be “that guy who talks about Crossfit all the time”
“I wouldn’t say I’m a fitness junkie, I just enjoy working out. I tried Crossfit about six months ago and I haven’t stopped since. It’s very competitive, and there’s a community built around it, so it’s quite fun.”

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