Jose Hong


Jose Hong, 27
Instagram: @JOSECLEO2018
You won’t quickly forget Jose Hong, especially with such a unique name (pronounced “ho-say”). “My father loves the guitarist Jose Feliciano, and he wanted to alliterate my name.” It also extends to his brothers – Julio and Juaquin – though, as Jose laughingly admits, “My sister got away with Heather”. Jose is quite the nature-lover and volunteers with Toddycats, a group that holds nature walks around MacRitchie Reservoir to introduce Singaporeans to the wide variety of flora and fauna around Singapore. “Many locals don’t know we have deer or pangolins living here,” he says. Also, if you think Jose looks a little bit familiar, it might be because he was in the finals of Singapore’s Brainiest Kid back when he was in Primary 6.

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