Josh Yen


Age: 25
Instagram: @JOSHYEN93
You’re not alone if you think this full-time model reminds you of a young Jay Chou – Josh will shyly admit that he’s told this pretty often. Josh also has an identical twin and, as you can imagine, they’re such a head-turning duo that they have a fan base in Malaysia, where they’re from. But back to Josh: he reckons he’s the type of boyfriend who’s a romantic and the type to cook for his beloved. The full-time model has also got pretty big dreams: he hopes to walk the runways of Milan someday, a goal he’s on his way to achieving since he’s already travelled to a whole host of countries for work, including Korea, China, and Greece. He’s as down-to-earth as he is good looking – and you should definitely keep an eye out for him (and his career).

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