Jourdain Ng


Age: 25
Occupation: Co-owner of Impulse Collective
Instagram: @jourdainjenner

Jourdain started his career in fashion marketing, and was pretty successful at it—he doubled his company’s social media following in a year—but realised he wanted to start his own business. So when an opportunity came along last year, he decided to make the jump into the salon business and co-founded hair salon Impulse Collective. Going from fashion marketing to the hairstyling industry may seem like a big change, but Jourdain thinks it’s a natural transition. “Hair has always been like a crazy thing for me. If you look back at my Facebook profile pictures, you would see that I had five different hairstyles. I had blue hair, pink hair, grey hair, everything. … So when my friend talked to me about it, it was a very natural transition for me. … I’m good at marketing, so I needed someone with a product or service, so that was it.” And he thinks he’s just been scratching the surface of what he can do. Here are a few things to know about him.


SWATCH CôTES BLUES (YWS438), $167. Denim jacket, $126, Topman. Paisley-print jacket, $99.90, Urban Revivo. Necklace and earrings, model’s own.

He loves Kylie Jenner

Jourdain goes by the Instagram handle @jourdainjenner, which pays homage to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. When he first became a fan of the famous sisters five years ago, he didn’t have a favourite, but he later realised she’s the one he could relate to the most. “She’s like the youngest billionaire, right? So she’s definitely an inspiration as well—being a business owner, and turning something negative into a positive. I think that’s difficult to do.”

He learnt a life lesson from the Kardashians

If there’s anything the Kardashians have taught him, it’s that you can do the impossible. “I mean, we all know the story; it started with the sex tapes. So you can really turn anything into something—it really just depends on your hard work and perseverance.”

He’s all about creating memories

“I think life is about an accumulation of memories, so I’m always about creating more memories and not doing something that’s repetitive and doesn’t add to the summation of all your memories. That’s why I chose to leave a safe, stable corporate job and jump into owning a business at a young age. … A lot of my life decisions and things I want to do are based on that—on whether it would create a good memory for me.”


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He hitchhiked his way around beaches in Portugal

Jourdain studied in London for a year and travelled often to the neighbouring countries. Once, he hitchhiked his way around different beach destinations in Portugal. “It came out of necessity, not because it was something I wanted to do. In Portugal, especially in the more secluded areas, there’s no Uber or Grab, so that was the only form of transport. If not, I would have had to rent a car, which wasn’t financially feasible since I was a solo traveller.” He explains that he would use Google Maps to see the different beach points and walk to the destination even if it was a two- or three-hour trek. “And then I would just hitchhike along the way as I walked down … and they would just drop me off at wherever was convenient for them. … Thinking back, it was really quite dangerous ’cos if someone was to take me somewhere else, there was nothing I could have done.”

His parents are also business owners

It was hearing his parents talk about business as he was growing up that inspired him to start a business of his own. And his parents have doled out advice for him: “They just say work hard, be authentic, treat your clients as you would your best friends and you’ll do well. … I think, especially in our landscape nowadays, your authenticity is really the most important thing you can give to your clients. Because they are giving you their hard-earned money, you need to give them something that is of equal value, and not something that is a mirage.”


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He juggles a few roles in the company

“I do reception, I do finance, I do marketing—everything. Basically, anything that’s not hairstyling.” He also tries to respond to his clients ASAP, no matter what time it is. “Sometimes, I’d get a text at one in the morning. If I happened to be awake, I would reply. Because I kinda want to fit into … the way [my client] communicates. If 1am is the only time you’re free and you want to reach out, I’ll reply if I can.”

He has never been more tired in his life than now

Being a business owner is tiring, and Jourdain can attest to that. “Honestly, I’ve never been more tired in my life but at the same time, I’ve never been more satisfied in my life. It’s really high highs, and really low lows.”

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