Khris Aiden Gharu


Age: 26
Occupation: Hedge Fund Reconciliation Analyst
Instagram: @khrisaiden

Not sure what a hedge fund reconciliation analyst does? Here’s how Khris describes his job: “Simply put, I look at trades and make sure they tally.” And if you’re wondering, he’s Punjabi-Chinese. Here are some things to know about him.


Bender Eyes denim jacket, $179, OBEY from ZALORA. Crew-neck tee, $32.90, Only & Sons.

He’s a bedroom musician

“I make music on my bed,” says Khris. He started playing around with a music programme four years ago and currently makes lo-fi, future bass and trap music. “Whenever I feel ready to express myself, I make some beats. I think I do it through electronic music because I don’t really sing.” He hasn’t shared his tunes with anyone other than some friends, but sometimes posts one-minute samples on his IG to get feedback.

You might have seen in him in a commercial. Or two

Khris has appeared in a couple of ads, some of which were for Apple, Chang Beer and AIA. He also had a bit role in Crazy Rich Asians—but you won’t be able to spot his face. “You can only see my shoulder. That was my first [acting] job,” he says. “I was in reservist at that time and begged my commanders to let me go for the shoot. They said, ‘Oh, Crazy Rich Asians. Not bad, ah. OK, go, go.’”


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He knows what to do with an oven

Khris used to have a sweet tooth, so he picked up baking to try and create and refine flavours he liked. “I bake better than I cook,” he says. “I learnt a lot by watching YouTube. It was quite fun.” He shares that he doesn’t make desserts as often anymore because his taste buds have changed, but says that the one thing he was really proud of putting together was a white chocolate panna cotta.

He runs to de-stress

Aside from playing football once a week, Khris also makes it a point to run 5km three times a week. “If I had a bad day at work, I need to run,” he says. “It’s one of my favourite forms of release. Plus, when I get my friends to join me, I get to motivate them to keep fit.”


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He likes clothes. A lot

“I spend most of my money on clothes and Nike sneakers. I have about seven to eight pairs of those,” says Khris. He describes his sense of style as “street or grunge” and likes clothes so much that he ran an online clothing store for a year during his university days. “It started out as more of a lookbook at first—I modelled clothes that I got from a place. But people started showing interest and I realised I could monetise the project by selling the clothing featured.”

You can count on him to be romantic

Khris says he makes a “loyal and spontaneous” boyfriend and shares that the sweetest thing he’s ever done for a girl was make her a giant scrapbook documenting their entire trip to Japan—he saved every train ticket and receipt. As for what he appreciates in a girl, he’s got this to say: “I like sincerity. And I like eyes that give me a warm feeling, like a sense of serenity.”

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