Khyan Kotak


Age: 19
Occupation: Student/Theatre actor
Instagram: @khyankotak

Khyan may be the youngest of the lot this year, but that doesn’t make him any less eligible—not when he brims with the confidence and charm of someone much older. Plus, this aspiring actor also knows a thing or two about independence—he moved to Singapore from India alone when he was 16. Here are some things to know about him.


Biker jacket, 8 By YOOX. Hawaiian shirt, $45.90, Pull&Bear.

He knew he wanted to act at the age of nine

Khyan is currently studying theatre at LASALLE College of the Arts (“My dad forced me to watch Fame the musical about 10 years ago, and after that, I just really liked the idea of being on stage.”) and his family has been nothing short of supportive. “Most Indians usually go into something like medicine or engineering, but my parents were like, ‘Know what you love doing and go for it,’” he says. “They have always been very progressive.”  

You may have watched him in a play last year

Happened to catch AYESHA at Goodman Arts Centre last year? Then you’d have seen Khyan IRL. “I met this lady who really took a liking to me, and she approached me to act in the lead role for it,” he says. “We put the production together, so we had to invest some of our own money. We had three months to make everything happen.”


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He’s been living apart from his family since he was 16

His parents are based in Mumbai and he came to Singapore alone three years ago. “Aside from wanting to study theatre, I wanted to live a more independent life,” he shares. “I originally wanted to go to New York, but my mum felt that it wasn’t as safe.” This isn’t the first time he’s living abroad, though—he lived in Shanghai for a year-and-a-half with his parents in 2008.

He’s really comfortable with his body

Khyan unabashedly shares that he has “a lot of sexual energy”. He explains that his parents were big on sex education when he was growing up, so he’s always been comfortable with intimacy. And this has helped with his acting: “I’m usually cast in roles where there are sexual scenes,” he says. “I’ve even appeared in a documentary about nudism in Singapore.”


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He’s a fan of girls who can hold their own

“I always go for someone independent,” he says. “I was dating this girl last year and we were at a club. Some guy tried dancing with her and all my friends were like, ‘Dude, go do something.’ And I was like, ‘No, I trust her. She’s independent—she can speak for herself and reject him herself.’ Of course, if it gets out of hand, I’d step in. But you know, it’s great when a girl knows when to walk away.”

He’s quite the extrovert

Khyan is super comfortable with approaching anyone and everyone, but knows when to rein in his outgoing nature. “I know extroversion can be annoying, so I try to be careful.” He adds that he’s the sort to talk a lot on a date, so if you’re the quiet kind, you guys might just well complement each other.

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