Kyne Chan


Age: 25
Occupation: Functional Range Coach/Entrepreneur
Instagram: @kyn.e

Kyne is a big advocate of fitness—he loves helping people figure out how they can incorporate it into their lives in a realistic manner and plans to develop a couple of ventures in the field within the next year. Here are some things to know about him.


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He’s very serious about helping people stay in shape

Kyne used to teach HIIT and core classes at Instiinct Studios and currently teaches restorative foam rolling and Yin yoga classes there. But here’s how passionate he is about fitness: as part of his research into how he could better help others stay in shape, he took on an office job for six months just so he could find out if it’s possible to juggle a solid workout regime and a nine-to-five job. “It’s my passion that drives me to use my body as a case study for helping others,” he says. “I like to help others take care of their mind and body, especially since life is really fast-paced these days.”

He’s also musically-inclined

He sings and plays the guitar and makes up one-half of a musical duo called Those Two (“We’re just two guys who really want to play music, so we met up and did just that”). They used to perform at bars but have stopped for a while now because he and his bandmate have turned their focus to other things. However, Kyne doesn’t rule out getting back at it again in the future. “You never know with these things. I’d say [performing] can definitely happen again.”


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His name “doesn’t mean anything”

Kyne says his name should be pronounced “keen”, and that it doesn’t have a meaning (at least none that he’s aware of). It was his cousin who gave him the name—she decided on “Kyne” because she felt it was a nice alternative spelling to “Keane”.

When he isn’t working out, he plays video games

“I like role-playing games with big storylines,” he says. His favourites are The Elder Scrolls (“Damn nerdy.”); Final Fantasy (“Damn otaku.”); and Kingdom Hearts (“Very kiddy game but I’ve been following the storyline since I was young.”).


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The one animal he’d love to be? A bear

Kyne has a tattoo of a bear on his arm for no other reason than the fact that it’s his favourite animal. “I feel like a bear sometimes. I like to go about my business quietly and return to my little ‘cave’ once the sun goes down,” he says. “Ideally, I’d live away from the city and be in a place where I can pick berries and catch fish.”

He’s got big plans

Kyne is the fitness lead of local fitness company Triage Fitness (@triagefitness), and will be helping them develop the business once he completes his six-month office stint in August. “I’ll be doing a bit of everything, but I’ll mainly provide fitness knowledge and expand on ideas,” he explains. He’s also got plans to be good enough to teach a training system established by Black Cat Movement (@blackcatmovement) once his schedule is a little less packed.

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