Leon Markcus

Age: 21
Occupation: Musician
Find him on Instagram: @itsleonmarkcus

He reads up on quantum physics in his spare time
Bet you can’t tell that he’s a space geek. One of his favourite YouTube channels is Vsauce, an educational channel that covers topics like physics, space, human behaviour, and more. “I’m constantly hungry for information,” he admits. FYI, he also has a favourite species of dolphins – the Baiji, which is found only in the Yangtze River in China. Why? “Their eyesight is not very good and they look so silly.”

His alt-pop music may sound radio-friendly, but he sings about pretty heavy stuff
Themes this singer-songwriter covers include body image issues and childhood trauma. When asked why, Leon says he wants to create a safe space and let listeners know they can feel free to be themselves.

He’s talks about his battles to help others
He hopes that by talking about battling anorexia nervosa, he can help to raise awareness about eating disorders and inspire others who are battling it to stay strong. “Back then, I didn’t understand what it was all about, but now I know it’s not always about vanity. It stems from emotional health and how you’re coping mentally… I’ve learnt there are people who have a bigger capacity when it comes to dealing with emotions, and there are also people with a smaller capacity when it comes to this. But that doesn’t make them inferior.”

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