Matthew Parry


Age: 24
Occupation: Brand Ambassador
Instagram: @maffuparry

Matthew is a brand ambassador for a whisky brand—a dream job for many (come on, being able to drink on the job?). But when it comes down to it, he just loves communicating with people. A newly-minted karaoke fan, we think Singapore has unleashed Matthew’s singing talents to the world.


Denim jacket, $119.90, Levi’s. Graphic-print shirt, $59.90; crew-neck tee, $24.90, both Zara. Studded denim jeans, $309, Hardy Hardy.

He’s lived around the world

Before moving to Singapore, the closest he had been to our country was Cambodia. Other than his native country UK, he’s lived in France, Netherlands and spent six months studying in Seoul. “I’m adventurous and like moving into the unknown,” he says. So much so that his pre-Singapore move involved just one Skype call with his manager, and reading the Lonely Planet guide.

He’s a people person

After graduating, he worked for his university as an ambassador, travelling around the UK speaking to 16-year-olds to help them find their path. “I would be driving for eight hours a day, singing in my car.” He enjoys meeting and talking to people, which he still does in his current job, which involves educating people about whisky. “I don’t think I’ll ever have an office job.”


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He’s a die-hard dog lover

If it’s one thing he misses from home (Blackpool), it’s his dog. In fact, Matthew believes that not liking dogs is a deal-breaker when it comes to looking for a partner (“that, and taking yourself too seriously”). His thoughts about cats: “A cat will eat your body if you die.”

When he’s not working, you can find him karaoke-ing

Karaoke fever might not be a thing in the UK, but it’s hit him hard since he moved here—so much so that he admits to going every week. “I can’t sing, so I try to rap,” he laughs. “My friend can sing like Ariana Grande, so I’m Nicki Minaj. ‘Bang Bang’ is our anthem.”


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He’s more about experiences than traditional romantic gestures

Don’t expect Matthew to buy flowers—he’s allergic to them. But that aside, he admits to getting nervous about making big gestures. “When I was 15, I emptied my savings to buy my girlfriend a Pandora charm bracelet. And she moved away the next week!” he recalls. “Now I’m more about sharing experiences, or the little things like picking up food for her.”

He raised money for children in India

One of Matthew’s most fulfilling experiences was a trip he made to India to teach schoolchildren. It involved fundraising a total of 1,500 pounds, finding a thousand recycled pencils and making lesson plans. “It was my first time seeing true poverty,” he recalls. “These kids are in a classroom with no resources but they’re so happy. It just goes to show that material things aren’t what make you happy.”

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