Nicholas Eugenius Lim

Age: 26
Occupation: Commis Chef
Find him on Instagram: @nickeugenius

He’s a “mummy’s boy”
And by that, he’s referring to his side baking business, Mummy’s Boy. He studied pastry and baking, and loves making tarts and cupcakes.

He has a famous sister
He’s the older brother of blogger Eunice Annabel. When asked if his friends often ask him for her number, he says that they do, but he always just tells them to shut up. “I’m just really proud of her. She’s very independent and has done a lot for herself.”

He’s not the partying type
He would rather focus on his dream of opening a pastry shop, and prefers wholesome fun. “Of course, partying once in a while is OK, but for me, not all the time.”

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