Peter Ang Nielsen

Age: 22
Occupation: Diving Instructor
Find him on Instagram: @scubahunk

He is the world’s youngest Doing It Right (DIR) diving instructor
Peter started diving when he was in the Naval Diving Unit during his National Service days, but it was a trip to Bali that inspired him to become a diving instructor. “My first commercial dive was in Bali. I saw this big shipwreck underwater, and the way to get to the wreck was to put on a tank and walk into the clear blue water. It amazed me.”

He swears by the motto, “grow where you are planted”
Peter recalled seeing the motto on a banner at his secondary school. “I learnt this quote when I was in Secondary One. I started secondary school without my friends from
primary school, and I was the only ang moh kid there. It was very nerve-wracking.”

His most memorable date involved books
“I went out on a date once, and I told the girl we would be eating the best bak chor mee. We went to Kovan, but the stall was closed.” Thankfully, his creativity made the date end on a happy note. “I took her to a bookstore. I looked at her and said: ‘In five minutes, we’ll meet back here but [before that], go and find a book that represents you.’ We both scoured the library and met up. Then, we just shared our characteristics [based on our book choices].”

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