Pravin Gunalan


Age: 26
Occupation: DJ
Instagram: @prav.wavy

Prav is the kind of guy who makes you do a double take when he walks into a room—he has a sense of style and a quiet poise that will just make you want to get to know him better. Here are some things to know about him.


SWATCH BLACK BOARD (SUOK135), $109. Reversible bomber jacket, $299; hoodie, $129; both PUMA from Zalora.

He owns an events and production company

His company, .Wav(y), regularly collaborates with photographers, videographers and graphic designers to churn out creative projects and run events such as club nights. Why ‘Wavy’? It has two meanings that are significant to him. “It’s a term that started in New York. It’s similar to ‘dope’ and is used to compliment someone, like, ‘You look wavy,’” Prav explains. “And .wav is the highest audio quality. You have mp3, and you then have .wav.”

It was his parents who ignited his love for music

This DJ has been passionate about music for a long time. “I was exposed to music at a young age because my parents were really into it,” he says. “My go-to music when I was younger was hip-hop and they were cool with it—they used to buy me the albums and everything.” He now mainly spins hip-hop and R&B tunes.


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He’s a third culture kid

Prav was born Amsterdam and lived there till he was nine. He then lived in Penang before moving to Singapore at the age of 14. But even though he lived with his family, he never spoke his mother tongue growing up. “My parents didn’t speak Tamil to me. Even my grandparents didn’t speak it,” he says. “I studied Malay in Penang, so when I moved here, I was, like, ‘I should take Malay rather than start learning Tamil from the ground up.’” He took Malay as an O-Level subject.

He’s not shy about his love for shopping    

One look at Prav’s IG account and you can tell he’s into fashion. When asked if he shops a lot, he says: “It depends. If business is good that month, then of course.” He adds that he likes a “good mix of underground brands” but also enjoys thrifting—he makes it a point to thrift shop in KL whenever he goes there for work, which is pretty often.


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Hip-hop helps him be a better person

It’s obvious that hip-hop has a huge influence on him, and Prav isn’t just inspired by the music, but also the way of life. “Everyone perceives the hip-hop way of life in a different way, and different artistes say different things,” he says. “But for me, it’s about maintaining an attitude of never giving up, and always striving to be better.”

He knows a thing or two about working with friends 

“It’s super tough working with friends. I’ve had fall-outs with people who became former friends,” he shares. “We had business or creative fall-outs and some people don’t look past that. They’re like, ‘OK, we can’t talk anymore.’ And I understand that; it’s cool.” He says that his current core group of friends are people he grew up with. “We understand one another as human beings and know we can work together. We know that if there are creative differences, we can talk things out.”

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