Raiz Razak

Age: 27
Occupation: Flight Steward
Find him on Instagram: @havesomeaiz

He’s into extreme sports
Raiz does motocross, but ironically, his worst injury was a broken collarbone from a football game. The injury was so bad that he took half a year to recover from it, and had to go for physiotherapy because he had lost mobility in his right arm. Ouch.

He is well-travelled
When you’ve been a flight steward for five years, you clock up some serious mileage. Some of his favourite places includes Christchurch in New Zealand, and Isle of Skye in Scotland. South America is next on his list.

Unsurprisingly, his ideal girl is…
Someone he can go on adventures or road trips with. Makes perfect sense for someone who’s been bitten by the travel bug, doesn’t it?

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