Reshan Sivasamy


Age: 26
Occupation: Actuary
Instagram: @reshan_s

Don’t know what an actuary is? Here’s how Reshan would describe the job: “It involves a lot of math, a lot of numbers.” There’s a lot more to him than just facts and figures, though, and he also loves living an active, adrenaline-filled life. Here are some things to know about him.


SWATCH K-KI (SUSM405), $167. Turtleneck sweater, 8 By YOOX. Slim-fit blazer, $559, Ted Baker. Glasses, model’s own.

He’s a thrill-seeker

He enjoys rock climbing, diving, sky diving and just about any other type of adrenaline-inducing activity you can think of. “I pay a lot of money to risk my life,” he jokes. “I’m an adventure seeker. It never ends. I have all kinds of stories and can go on and on.” But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t enjoy something more mellow—he recently picked up salsa dancing and goes for weekly classes.

But he can also be quite domesticated

Reshan was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur but moved to Edinburgh to pursue his bachelor’s degree in actuarial science when he was 19. After he graduated, he moved to Singapore because “it’s close to home, yet away from home”. Having lived on his own for a long time now, he knows his way around the kitchen and looks to Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver for food inspiration. His best dish? “A mean aglio olio.”   


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Photography takes up a big part of his life. Literally  

Reshan owns 28,000 Polaroid pictures and knows exactly what he’s going to do with them one day. “When I have my own house, I want a massive wall of Polaroids. All the pictures have to be those I took myself,” he explains. “I enjoy bringing my Polaroid camera with me to, say, weddings, just to capture moments of people dancing or having a good time. I may not know them, but I just love that I can take their picture and then give it to them.”

He almost died trying to take a selfie once

And he’s quick to admit that he’s one of “those people”. “I was at Angkor Wat and was standing at an edge on the third level. I took one step to my left but didn’t realise there was nothing there, and I just fell,” he says. “I landed on my back, but I had my backpack on, so it broke the fall. And even when I was falling, I still had my camera in my hands—I wasn’t going to let it go. Afterwards, I just stood up like Terminator. I was like, ‘I’m fine.’”


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He taught himself to be more confident

“When I was younger, I was really shy. I could not say a single word and was always in a corner,” he says. “I didn’t have the best school days either—I was made fun of and bullied. But when I moved to the UK, people gave me more attention and respect. That boosted my confidence and helped me speak better in public. I did some stage acting in university purely to make myself more confident. At the end of the day, it’s important to be comfortable in your own skin.”

You can count on him for a really nice date   

Like guys who know how to have fun and be sweet? Then you’ll want to get to know Reshan. “I’m goofy, but I also have a romantic side,” he declares. “For me, an ideal date would be going cycling at East Coast Park, and then having a picnic at Marina Barrage just watching the kites. I think it’s boring to just sit and talk over coffee. When you do an activity together, you can really get to know each other and it’s just more fun that way.”

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