Rhyce Lein

Age: 24
Occupation: General Manager of GuavaPass
Find him on Instagram: @rhyceyl

He does yoga
When asked why he enjoys doing yoga, Rhyce admits: “It comes down to the therapeutic and meditation side. When I’m in the yoga studio for an hour, my mind is focused there and then on that class… Being in a yoga studio allows me to sit back and reflect about myself and the day.”

He left a cushy corporate job to set up his own business
“I moved to Singapore when I was 20. I was in a high position for my age and had a lot of responsibilities. I did have a passion for the work I was doing, but I wasn’t getting what I wanted out of it. I wanted to be in a start-up. I wanted to see something grow and to start from the bottom.”

He has an RBF
“If I meet someone new or when I’m in a situation, I tend to have a “resting b**ch
face”, as my friends like to call it. It’s not because I’m an unfriendly person but because my facial expressions come out a lot when I’m thinking. My thinking face isn’t friendly (laughs).”

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