Sauffi Abdullah


Age: 24
Occupation: Marketing and Business Associate
Instagram: @tasauffi

When Sauffi was younger, he became the target of bullies at school because he excelled in his studies and was seen as a bookworm. “There’s one incident where a bully asked me to do his exam paper for him.” He refused to do so, and that was when he realised he needed to change schools. He studied hard, switched schools and left his bullies behind. “I just wanna tell those out there who have been bullied: try to erase those people who bring you down. Or those who don’t spark joy for you.” Here are more things to know about him.


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His former bullies are now following him on Instagram

He said his former bullies sent him a follow request on Instagram a few years after he graduated. At first, he hesitated and wondered if he should accept their requests, but decided to do so. “I wanted them to feel like, ‘Oh, I shouldn’t have bullied this guy. Now he’s like that.’”

He is a homebody

Sauffi is the owner of two adopted cats, Earl Grey and Cogi, and calls himself the “Daddy of Cats”. Given how fondly he speaks of them, it’s not surprising that he dedicates his free time to hanging out with them. “They’re cute, so I like to disturb them when they are sleeping and chase them all around the house. It’s a workout for me to chase them as well,” he laughs.


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His life has changed since he got into fitness

He said he piled on the pounds because he was too focused on his studies and didn’t work out in secondary school. While waiting for his O-Level results, he decided to put in effort to be healthier. “I started with just following one workout while watching YouTube and from then on, it progressed. … It can change your lifestyle and the way you see things.”

His Instagram photos don’t reflect his real personality

While people have described his photos as “seductive”, he doesn’t have a brooding personality that his photos might suggest—he’s more of a jokester. Sometimes, his friends would jokingly ask him to recreate poses or facial expressions in his Instagram photos. His reaction? He’d reply with a funny expression he calls a “meme face”.


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He had a rocky start in modelling

“I went for casting calls at a lot of modelling agencies, but I found it quite demoralising because none of them accepted me.” His efforts finally paid off when one of the agencies saw potential in him. A few months after he signed with the agency, he landed a modelling gig in Malaysia. “They have helped me throughout my journey as a model.” He now models on the side.

His view on love is quite deep

He believes in chemistry and that one shouldn’t judge another based on looks. “If you basically remove their skin and flesh, they’ll just be two skeletons in love. So when people say, ‘Eee, this guy is short, tall…’ Just let them be, lah. Just let them love each other.”

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