Syed Hasan Aljunied


Age: 23
Occupation: NSF/Model

Play some Spanish or reggae music and watch Hasan rush out onto the dance floor. Ever optimistic and happy-go-lucky, he is an individualist who dances to the beat of his own drum. Read on to find out more about him.


Checkered blazer, $286, Topman. Button-up shirt, $69.90, Urban Revivo.

Running a business is on the cards for him

While Hasan’s diploma was in financial accounting and he interned in a bank, he has aspirations to run his own business. His dad owns a shop, and Hasan is on hand to help with social media. “I give him advice on the digital aspect of the business, and knowing his customers.”

He has a twin

Hassan and his twin might not be identical, but they do everything together. “We will do everything together except get married on the same day!” he laughs. But while they have similar interests like playing badminton together, he says they are very different in personality. “I’m more extroverted.” The two were even in a Prudential ad that featured twins.


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He’s a social butterfly

Office life isn’t for him, but it’s a different story when it comes to dancing and karaoke (put on “Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee and watch him get going). “My friends describe me as loud, quirky and spontaneous,” he says. “I’m not scared of anything except the dark, so I hate haunted houses.” Yet, that doesn’t stop him from braving Halloween Horror Nights with his friends.

His idea of a perfect first date involves his friends

After sitting down for dinner, he wants his date to meet his friends and twin because they come as a team. He’s also not into dating apps and prefers meeting face-to-face. “I think that personality speaks volumes, so I don’t want attraction to be based on pictures.”

He used to be severely underweight

At 19 years old, he tipped the scale at 44kg. It’s genetic, he claims. It took six months of intense training and CrossFit for him to gain 12kg. “I used to buy $10 worth of gummy sweets and finish them in an hour,” he says. “All that stopped. I ate clean, and ate more meat.”

His secret ambition was to be in the entertainment scene

If he could, Hasan would be walking the runway, but he understands that he’s on the shorter side. So he turned to TV, joining a talent agency and working on some acting projects. “I like acting because I like to show different sides of me. I like to prove that I am more than just one thing.”


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His motto is to always keep your chin up

Hasan has a naturally sunny disposition, so no surprises that he professes a love for Ellen DeGeneres (“She just brings joy to everyone. Watching her makes me happy.”). His motto is to focus on the good feelings, and knowing that bad things won’t affect you in the long run. He remembers a time when he had to repeat his O-Levels, and it was a rough time. “That was the moment where I realised, I’m done with caring what people say,” he says. “People break through at different ages. I will go my own way.”

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