Thomas Edward Beattie


Age: 32
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Instagram: @iamthomasbeattie

Thomas played midfield for Hull City for a decade before coming to Singapore to play for Hougang United FC. While football’s his first love, he had to carve out a new career path after fracturing his skull during a game when he was playing for SAF Warriors FC. “As an athlete, you live in this bubble that consumes you. Everything else, like relationships and friendships, becomes secondary,” he recalls. “But coming through the injury, I realised things I had taken for granted.”


Trucker jacket, $219, Superdry.

Moving to Singapore didn’t involve too much of a life adjustment

Being a professional footballer, Thomas was used to a nomadic existence. He’s lived in various parts of the world, including Eastern Europe. Coming to Singapore, he knew “it was a melting pot of culture and a hub for creativity.” After training, he would spend his free time learning languages and new skills.


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Post-football, he now runs 11 companies

From web development to F&B to social media management (for clients like Jones the Grocer), Thomas does it all. One of his mobile platforms, OVVY, is the eighth most downloaded app in Singapore. Despite describing his current life as a “one-way train to building an empire,” he does take the time to escape to Bali and take time off. “I have a lot of energy and I’m a creative person. Whenever I see a problem, I think about how I can make it better.”

He works hard, but also gives back

Thomas is always looking for an opportunity to contribute to a cause he’s passionate about. More recently, he’s about to sign an agreement with an autism society. “I have a cousin who’s autistic, so I wanted to partner with someone to raise awareness about autism and also be active in the community.” He also volunteers at dog adoption drives once a month.


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His spirit animal is the tiger

A huge animal lover, Thomas’ childhood dream was to own a zoo. In every country he visits, he makes it a point to go to the zoo (a favourite animal is the giraffe, because “it’s such a peculiar-looking creature”). Not only was he born in the year of the tiger, he also identifies with the giant cat for its fearlessness.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself

“Being an entrepreneur, you go through failures every day,” Thomas says. It’s the fear of being left behind that drives him—that, and wanting to take care of his family and friends. He cites his experience as an athlete that taught him positive values and how to cope with people who have different opinions.

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